Monday, October 15, 2012

Half term to do list

Winifred Nicholson at Kettle's Yard!

Free exhibition
They have an activity in the center of the gallery for kids, so you can actually have a look around at the art while your child plays with colours, paper and pencils

It's a very small and perfectly formed exhibition, so you might even have a chance to read the wall text before your kids drag you out of there.  Each painting has so much light in it and a very interesting use of colour, don't miss the one with the shell on the windowsill.

Once you do exit the building, take a walk up the little hill to the Chapel for a peek in at the lovely building and any art commissions that lay within.

The Big Draw is almost here! (will post our drawings later!)

I for one am excited and cant wait to help them with making their banner inspired by all the objects at the Cambridge University Museums this Saturday 20th of October, Romsey Mill. I am not sure if they will have actual objects there for us to draw from, all the better if they do! Free, and family friendly
Click the link for all the Big Draw half term arty family activities:

harvest time

tall cosmos

one lone sunflower

Mae has eaten these green beans everyday for 3 months

Braeburns did not perform well this year..

Blackberries, Mulberries and spider crumble / jam

the field (thats Mae's forest)



Green tomatoes for our green tomato chutney!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cambridge so far

(a university town in the county of Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, on the River Cam, 50 miles north of London)

Sedgwick Museum

Christ's College

Shepreth Animal Park

Christ's College

Zoology Museum



Anglesey Abbey

Fitzwilliam Museum

Anglesey Abbey


Wicken Fen

Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey


Ely Cathedral

Some guy's backyard rose garden we snuck through

Cat ladder!

quick! run ! this is not a public walk through!

Dream house 

Antiques shop

Loveliest tea shop in Ely

This was cream tea, on the sweetest plates


Bathroom in tea shop

Dolphin house


this is an apartment building

Newnham (parking lot)

Kings Street


looking up downtown

botanical gardens with mum

special side street